Would you go to a general practitioner if you had a problem with your heart? Of course you wouldn't. You'd go see a heart specialist.

At Patrick Fay Diamond Company, we specialize in diamonds, because that's all we sell. We comb the world markets to find the finest diamonds at the lowest cost. Being a diamond wholesaler, we can sell directly to you,the consumer, at the same price that retail stores buy their diamonds. All of our specialists are qualified to inspect, grade and handle fine diamonds,and have been doing so for many years. At Patrick Fay Diamonds, there are no pushy salesmen, just experts who want to help you choose the perfect diamond.

Exclusively dealing in diamonds is why Patrick Fay Diamond Company also has a large selection to choose from. We only carry the finest quality diamonds.Diamonds are available in all sizes from 1/4 carat to 10 carats. The clarity of our diamonds range from flawless to SI2 and colors ranging from D to J. Round, oval, princess, radiant, marquise, pear, emerald and heart shapes are all readily available. GIA, EGL, GQI, IGI and other independent laboratories consistently certify many of our fine diamonds. Our uncertified stones will save you even more money and can also be independently appraised upon request.

Simply put, Patrick Fay Diamond Company can sell you the highest quality diamonds at wholesale prices. We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with your diamond purchase. Call us at 312-236-4966 for an appointment to meet with one of our diamond specialists today.

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